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You can make me friendship bracelets! I was just saying lastnight I wish I knew how to make them- I usually wear a bunch of black bracelets but they are all scungy and breaking so I took them off- my arm feels ever-so-nekkid! I might take you up on this challenge!

Oh yes! I love bracelets! Have been off them for ages bt just seeing all these pictures reminded me of how I used to wear racks of them. Time for a resurgence I think! ;) xx

omg! the first two pics take me back to my school days 8D awesome!

I LOVE bracelets to, I make most of my own and I sell a few of the ones I make on etsy to:

I probably wear bracelets more than any other piece of jewellery and always on the hunt for more, my wrist almost feel too naked if I only wear the one bracelet!

GORGEOUS :) I love stacked up bracelets!

so cute! I don't wear much jewelry just really one statement piece at a time. but I do always envy those girls who can pull off the stacked bracelet look! have fun :)


Great photo inspirations. I never wear bracelets, but those photos make me think, "How cool would I be? With arm loads of bracelets on my wrists? Totally."

Then I remember that drawing is impossible with bracelets dangling down around your hands, but I still love the photos!

I love bracelets... and I have piles of them... I just might submit a picture.

I love bracelets! They cover up my tattoos though! I went on a massive bracelet tute and idea finding spree this afternoon and have ALOT of tutorials i'm going to link to in my blog later. I can't wait to get started. hopefully tomorrow I can get a heap done.

I'm looking at making bracelets from like Coke bottles and pop-can tabs - which I have alot of since I drink Smirnoff from a can ;D ahahah

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