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thank you so much for this article! being a university student with no part-time job at all, i'm always broke! i really enjoyed your tips will try to put some of them into action. one of the things you mentioned, i find very important, too: not eating cheap crap all the time! not having a lot of money means budgeting, food is one of the first things that people let go. but i agree with you that it is vitally important to eat healthy stuff, even if that means that you have to cut back somewhere else. we only have this one body should treat it with respect!

Great tips. Going for fresh air is so important. Before I got my job, I made sure that I went for a walk most days. And you're also right about day time tv. Nothing can get you doen like that! But seriously, this is a great post

I really enjoyed reading this post. In fact just reading it makes me feel happy! You are so right about being sold stuff all the time. I stopped reading glossy magazines ona regular basis a few years abck and stopped wanting to buy/own so much stuff as a result. I still fall on glossy bits from the weekend paper though ;)

This article is MARVELOUS! I just love it. I'm trying to be excited about being poor, currently, and I'm almost there! I agree that being creative helps a lot. =)

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you all like the article. It took me over a week to get it finished! I think I actually experienced writer's block, lol.

mademoiselleglitter - Yep, the food bill is always one of the first things people cut, I've done it myself back in the days where getting drunk with my mates was so much more important! But I looked and felt like crap, living on mushy peas and toast :)

midorigreen - I used to be obsessed with magazines, even spending my dinner money on them back when I was at school (and then stealing my lunch! Shh.) Then gradually it dawned on me that you're literally paying for a book of adverts, mixed with articles about the same things over and over again...

I just stumbled across your blog and i absolutely LOVE IT

I think you're fabulous thank you so much for this post! x

great post! and thanks for stopping by my blog :O)

This was awesome. I think that all of these tips are good even if you're NOT jobless. Just to live more simply and wisely!!! I'm definitely in the process of this :)

This post was the best reading I had lately. You're great. It is so inspiring and I think I will bookmark it so I can go back to read again and again.
Thanks for the great ideas and creativeness sharing.

Only just found this post (came to your blog after seeing your lovely girly skull bag on Flickr) but thanks for writing it, applies even more with the wanton-consumer fest that is Christmas :(

This made me very happy! I formulated my own remedy for brokeism quite a few years ago and it changed my life entirely for the better. Cheers for putting out there :)

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