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What fantastic books! This is a really sweet idea. I've been reading your blog, but I generally don't leave comments (unless it's a contest, maybe that would be the cheekiest thing I've done to save money!). When I first started living on my own with my cat, if I ran out of kitty food I'd let him live off of cat treats until I could afford more. I also bought groceries from the Dollar Store.

Hey, new to your blog and really enjoying it!

The cheekiest thing I've done to save money? Last year my friends and I (we're at university so I'm totally using the student excuse!) went to a really dull evening talk purely because it had free food and wine. Well the talk ended and we were being herded out of the building, so naturally we filled our wineglasses to the brim, snagged the bottle and made our way politely out of the door - free wine, free food and free wineglasses? That's a pretty good evening to me!

I love this blog idea! You make living in this recession fun.

The cheapest thing I did was take extra tomato sauce from McDonalds so that I didn't have to buy it for that week. Lol, cheap ass! And a not so proud moment of my life was choosing to buy a couple of packs of cigarettes instead of meat during my weekly shopping expedition.

My friend and I aquired on of those "booze bra" things. You know, where you fill the pouches in the cups with wine (or other booze), and then drink it through a nozzle that comes out near the shoulder. We rocked that thing for many a concert and club night!! It saves you a lot of money on bar tabs, the only downside is the wine often gets warm because it's right next to your boobies. haha!

la - Haha, not cheeky at all :) Feel free to comment more often too, if you want to! I love getting feedback on what I write and having people add ideas to articles makes empty-purse more useful for everyone!

Harriet - I would love to do that, good idea! "Free" and "food" are my 2 favourite words :p

Tash - (Thankyou!) McDonalds here charge 5p a sachet these days, they must have got sick of everyone doing it! Pubs are a good place to go for that though, you can get vinegar, salad cream and all sorts! Or so I've heard ;)

Miss Purple Cat - Eww, warm boobie wine! hahaha. I have never heard of those bras but they sound brilliant. Maybe you could fill them with nice hot tea in the winter..


Thanks for entering guys! The number generator chose number 2 so ~HARRIET~ is the winner! Email me your address and I'll get those off to you asap.

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