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You were featured on feelingstitchy.com!!!


Featured by Jenny Hart! SQUEE!

Holy moley... this is like the link list of AWESOMENESS! ;D Thank you for sharing these!! And I just love your adorable purses. Your blog is full of fun <3

hihi - i just thought id leave a comment - i think you're the one of the few blogs ive stumbled over thats by someone in the uk - i follow loads of blogs but they're all american (which is fine) but its nice to see a uk blog and it made me want to say hi! (i hope all that doesnt sound odd) anyway - i can't find where i can click to follow you - i don't know whether im just being dim but i'll be back to read your pages again : ) thanku for cheering up my sunday pm xoxo

i love this!!
we do almost the same thing, you & i, see?
it would be sooo great if we could help each others out, exchanging links & news & ideas!

& of course, i love ur blog,
its so full of amazing things!

luv & glitters,

These are AWESOME links! Thank-you so much for sharing, and thank-you so much for your comment over at Frock & Roll! You have a great website!

Hello! I miss you ever so much :) <3

Oh my god, I love the Hyperbole and a Half post so so so so much!

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